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Rana Ali Hasan Chohan Gurjar

Rana Ali Hasan Chohan Gurjar who arranged the Gujjar history to introduce the awareness about the historical importance of Gujjars and created a new soul to the dead nation. The reason to write about Gujjars history was due to a magazine named “Shamaa” which was published from lahore. Due to the degradation of Gujjars Chohan sahib was annoyed and decided to kill editor and bought a pistol.
One of your friend realised the seriousness of situation and forbade you to take this step with logic. He said, if you think that Gujjars belong to great and bright nation, you have to prove it with truth and then convey it to the people. After that, you started writing the Gujjar history, and roam here and there to collect the truths. He has written the five volume of Gurjars History, by collecting differents facts and historical of our ancestors. He published it all alone. He wrote a book of English named “A Short History of Gurjars ” in his last days and become popular in the circle of literary world. He shave the minds of people with realistic approach, so that everybody was impressed by your efforts. He lost his life on 9-Feb-2001. Such individuals are not born even after centuries. May his soul rest in peace.