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Gujjars always demand Gujjar Books fortunately in Pakistan there is a publishing house which performs this task in a good way. Maktaba Jamal is a publishing house based in Lahore.

You may contact

3rd Floor, Hassan Market, Urdu Bazar, Lahore, Pakistan.

Phones: +92-42-37232731, +92-322-4786128




صدر تحریکِ نفاذ اُردو پاکستان’’ عطا الرحمٰن چوہان‘‘ کی لِیڈ نیوز خصوصی بات چیت

تحریک نفاذ اردو پاکستان کے صدر عطاءالرحمن چوہان کی لیڈ نیوز سے گفتگو۔ قومی زبان کا نفاذ کیوں ضروری ہے۔ نفاذ اردو کی راہ میں حائل رکاوٹیں کیا ہیں۔ تحریک نفاذ اردو نفاذ اردو کے لیے کیا لائحہ عمل رکھتی ہے۔ ان سارے سوالوں کے جواب

Khurram Gujjar’s Interview

Famous Gojri Poetess Passes Away

Famous Gojri writer Abida Alim Aabi died in Muzafarabad.She was a well known Gujjar writer ,who worked for Gojri language.She got tripple M.A from Muzaffar Abad University and then attained her M Phill from Oriental College Punjab University Lahore.Currently she was working on her Ph D thesis.

Her book ” برف کا پیکر ” is aclassical work,further her gojri poem “بان کو منجو ” is well known in literary circles.

Gujjar’s Birthday

People all over the world have their own traditions.Cutting cake on birthday has a special meaning for anyone.One gujjar who have a special passion for this event ,has changed the tradion using a fire arm instead of knife.His video has become viral on social media,in which he celebrates his birthday.

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