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Tariq Didar

Tariq Dildar Chaudhry is an active Pakistani Politician from PML (N), he was a prominent student/youth leader. He is a journalist, writer, columnist. He is social worker & human rights activist, He specializes in the area of management & marketing. Tariq Dildar Chaudhary was born on 1st March 1979. His place of birth is Islamabad. Tariq Dildar is the member of Gujjar tribe He did his MBA from Preston University, Islamabad. He has been in politics doing social work for about 15 years and has insight into Pakistani politics. He working as Administrator in PMLN Media Cell Official, Adviser to senior vice president Chaudhary Jaffar Iqbal Gujjar Official, Campaign Coordinator •PMLn NA49 Official & Malik Abrar Ahmad NA54, also doing social work in Rural Trust, Chief Coordinator Gujjars & Senior vice chairman ,, founder Gujjar Student Organization International & Gujjar Data Bank, journalist/writer Daily Business Times Islamabad, Business advisor at Mitsubishi Islamabad Motors

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