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Khan Bahadur Molvi Fateh Din

After 1st World War, some gujjar clerks in Simla Secretariat manged an Anjuman-e-Gujjran every member paid two Annas per month, by this fund they arranged the boarding and lodging of the new comers from the villages and helped in providing the services. Following their examples such Anjumans were organized at Delhi and Lahore. These Anjumans render great services to wards their community. Every where such organizations were formed by these clerks. Mulvi Fateh ud Din Kushan consolidated in one unit. A general meeting was held at Hoshiarpur on 29th and 30th March 1941 AD, in which Mulvi Fateh ud Din was elected president of the Anjuman. In a meeting 1942 AD at Jallundar the rules and regulations of the Anjuman were approved and Anjuman was declared a non-political organization dealing only with the educational development. The Anjuman worked for the betterment of the Gujjar till the creation of Pakistan in 1947.
In June 1949, the old Anjuman-e-Gujjran was reinstated under the name of Anjuman-e-Markazya Gujjran Pakistan. Ch. Islam ud Din (son of Mulvi Fateh-ud-Din) Deputy Commissioner of Sailkot was elected as president.
On 29 August 1949, the Anjuman passed its rules and regulation which it was registered by the Pakistan Government Authorities. All local anjumans through out Pakistan were affiliated with central organization (Anjuman-e-Markazya Gujjran).

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