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Gujjars of Swat

The originator of the present famous family of Swat was a Muslim saint Abdul Ghafoor a Khatana Gujjar of Hazara district from where he went to Buner territory. He was a pious man and the people respected him so greatly that they called him AKHUND SAHIB (S.G. Page 398 and 399,T and C of N.W.F.P by Ibbestson page 11 etc).
It was the mid-years of nineteenth-century A.D. when Muslim tribes were fighting against each other for the possession of swat valley. On the intervention of honourable Akhund Sahib the killing was stopped and such was his saintly influence that the chiefs of all tribes unanimously made him the ruler of the valley.Akhund Sahib administrated the valley according to Muslim Laws. Peace and tranquility provided and the agriculture and trade flourished in the territory. Akhund Sahib had two sons by his wife who belonged to Nikbi Khel.
After the death of Akhund Sahib, the tribal chiefs again started fighting and killing which continued for years. After all, the tribal chiefs agreed to give the control of the valley in hands of Honourable GUl shahzada Abdul Wadood, the son of Mian Gul Abdul Khaliq who was the son of Akhund Sahib.The wife of Mian Abdul Wadood was the daughter of Honorable Mirza Afzal-ul-Mulk the ruler of Chitral. The Britishers by trick put Chitral under suzerainty of Kashmir.The Chitral ruler gave two horses every year to the Rajia of Kashmir and the Raja provided chitral with grains and sugar etc. Swat thus went under protection of the Britishers.
During the rule of Mian Gul Muhammad, Abdul Haq Jehanzeb the son of Mian Abdul Wadood the state acceded to Pakistan in 1947 A.D. The present prince Muhammad Aurangzeb Khan son of Honourable Jahanzeb married the daughter of filed Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan in 1955 A.D. Thus by intermarriages with the other castes, the family as branch of the imperial Gujjars.
Honorable Jahznzeb started a Degree College at Saidu Sharif the capital of the State and four High Schools at Mangora,Chakesar, Matta, and Dagar. Fourteen middle Schools, Twenty-eight Lower middle schools, and fifty-six primary schools were established. There was a girl high school and high-class religious schools at Saidu Sharif. In all the schools the poor students were granted scholarships. The state was an exemplary state during British Rule. The Gujjars were very poor people in Swat valley but nowadays they have diverted their attention towards education and are holding good posts I government towards education and re holding good posts in government services. They also have a firm stand in politics of Pakistan. At then Prince Aurangzed Khan is also Governor of Baluchistan.
Source: A Short History of The Gujjar” by Rana Ali Hasan Chauhan (1998).

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